Delivering massive improvements in fire safety at Dublin City University

Overhauling the fire safety systems at DCU’s St Patrick’s campus to increase the safety of students and staff.

Dublin City University’s St Patrick’s campus might have a couple of thousand students spread around the site, plus academic staff, support staff and visitors, on a busy day during a semester. Conversely, it will be a large, almost empty site of several buildings outside of term times.

As such, it needed a fire safety system that would protect DCU’s people, premises and property in both scenarios: bustling campus and predominantly unoccupied buildings.

A modern system that works for DCU

We installed a Kentec wireless fire detection system, with nine new fire alarm panels strategically positioned around St Patrick’s campus. The new fire alarm system is linked to the security operators at the front gate security office of the campus, so security staff are immediately notified of any fire alarms and can instantly locate which of the fire alarm panels has been activated.

Additionally, we integrated the fire alarm system with the DCU security team’s radio system, so that they will immediately be aware of fire alarms even if they are attending to duties away from the security office.

Intuitive, integrated fire detection

The new wireless fire alarm system offers huge improvements on the dated, wired system that was previously in place on St Patrick’s campus.

DCU is very happy with the results of our installation, which delivers a more intuitive and better integrated way for its security team to monitor fire safety across all campus buildings.