Filling Stations

B Secure Monitoring Solutions are fully accredited and approved to monitor filling stations and authorise fuel transactions within both the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Over the last few years, B Secure has become highly specialised in this sector and our client portfolio now includes many of the larger fuel companies operating across Ireland.  We recognise that the role we play for those companies is an important one through the provision of our remote monitoring and authorisation service. To that end, we provide detailed Training Policies and Procedures that reflect the legal requirements to be fulfilled by all operators.


All staff undergo comprehensive training, ensuring that we fulfil and maintain a continually high standard within the operational authorisation for the sale of petrol and flammable substances which have significant potential for harm.


All site specific procedures are electronically stored within our monitoring platform and can be readily accessed in the event of an incident/emergency or a general technology fault. This documentation is reviewed and updated at least bi-annually and additionally when there are any changes to the structural layout, dispensing or emergency equipment at any of these stations.


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    Authorisation of Petrol Dispensing from our Monitoring Centre

    B Secure Monitoring Solutions control and authorise fuel dispensing, including petrol at unattended filling stations from our remote monitoring centre. Our monitoring centre operators effectively perform the role of the ‘authorised person’, as outlined in regulation 45(1) and 46(5) of SI 311/1979.


    On-Site Communication

    B Secure Monitoring Solutions install, operate and continually monitor an open-channel, loud and clear, two-way communication system between site end-users on the forecourt and our monitoring station. This system and procedure(s) allows for quick communication directly with end-users, site personnel and the emergency services.


    CCTV Monitoring

    At any given time our on-site CCTV cameras will allow our monitoring center a clear and unrestricted view of all the dispensers which are awaiting authorisation and those which are dispensing fuel. In addition we will moni

    We recognise that B Secure Monitoring Solutions provide us with a high quality monitoring solution ensuring remote fuel authorisation, site communication and security throughout our sites across Ireland, North and South. We have always been impressed with B Secure Monitoring Solutions knowledge and efficiency.

    - Maxol Ireland