Remote Concierge

Advances in technology have helped shape the thinking behind commercial and industrial security. Buildings and workspaces that previously demanded a physical security presence can now be effectively managed remotely, offering greater security and saving money.


B Secure provides remote concierge services to businesses throughout the island of Ireland. Each system is designed, built and installed to meet the bespoke needs of each customer customers. 


By interfacing Audio/ Visual Communication and Verification including CCTV, Intercom and Site Access Control systems through to our Monitoring Centre, you can be reassured that your premises are under constant surveillance and response to issues actioned immediately and effectively by our trained staff.

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    Options available are unlimited and include:


    • Complete Site Presence, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Access Control for Visitors, Staff, Contractors, etc.
    • Emergency Contact/ Response
    • Parking Control
    • Monitoring of Fire and Intruder Systems
    • Opening and Closing of Barriers/ Doors
    • Plant Asset Management
    • Accepting Deliveries

    Jason and the team at B Secure have designed and implemented the Remote Concierge within properties across our estate. The services offer all the benefits of the 24 hour on site security presence that we previously employed but at a fraction of the cost.