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B Secure Monitoring Solutions provide Public Space Surveillance CCTV Monitoring to a number of town centres ensuring the capability of monitoring, recording and escalating activity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Our urban landscapes have changed dramatically over the last 24 months as a result of the pandemic but the need for 24 hour space surveillance and security monitoring remains acute so as to ensure that people can feel safe going about their daily lives in our cities and our towns.


The fundamental objectives of our Public Space Surveillance CCTV Monitoring system is:

  • Provide a deterrent to crime and anti social behaviour.
  • Improve public safety by reducing the perceived fear of crime
  • Assist emergency services when attending an incident
  • Gather evidence for detection and prosecution of persons who may have been involved in a crime
  • Support the management of public and commercial areas which are essential to commercial wellbeing of the community
  • Assist in Council’s management of resources


All Public Space Surveillance is governed by a Code of Practice which is agreed and followed by B Secure Monitoring Solutions and is strictly regulated in accordance with the Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act, Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and Freedom of Information Act.

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    About Us

    We currently provide a complete end-to-end Town Centre Public Space Surveillance CCTV solution for a number of clients, which includes:


    1. Pre-Planned Maintenance including all operational aspects of the camera system, data storage and ARC monitoring hardware, 4 visits per year.
    2. Reactive Maintenance, 4 hours response.
    3. Verbal and physical technical advice and support to the ARC.


    1. Provision of a ‘new for old’, repair or replace warranty including camera units complete, housings and PTZ gear boxes, audio system, connectivity and fibre connections onto BT interface, ARC matrix, keyboard and all recording equipment inside of the ARC and monitor wall.


    1. Preset live monitoring hours per week with data storage.
    2. Immediate and appropriate escalation.
    3. Dealing with processes such as viewing requests and escalations in accordance with the appropriate legislation and codes of practice

    Message Alert Service

    1. Managed Hosted Solution providing information and alerts about crimes, incidents and events in their local area
    2. This complete end-to-end managed service provides an advanced solution for police, partner agencies and communities to maximise communication via an array of schemes including Neighbourhood Watch, Business Watch, Farm Watch, School Watch, Etc…

    Help Point Assistance

    1. Installation of Help Points located in strategic locations throughout the town centre with installation and commissioning of communication systems for the duration of the contract.
    2. Monitoring of the Help Point units 24 hours a day, 365 days and year.

    B Secure Monitoring Solutions provide Enniskillen with a complete integrated remote monitored solution including Town Centre CCTV, Speakers, Help Points and Message Alert Services that ensure a safe environment for all that has continually reduced crime and anti-social behaviour whilst supporting and enhancing Enniskillen’s Purple Flag standing.

    - Fermanagh District Council