Improving fire safety at the RDS

Installing a fire detection system to keep people safe when they attend events at one of Ireland’s best-known venues.

The RDS is one of Ireland’s most important venues. Exhibitions, sporting contests and arts events are just a few of the activities that are hosted in one or more of the buildings across its site in Ballsbridge, Dublin.

On any given day there might be tens of thousands of people on site, and that sort of crowd demands the very best in fire safety measures. When RDS set about improving all of its fire systems, it contacted us to bring its plans into fruition.

Increased precision for faster response times

We installed a VESDA aspirating smoke detection system throughout the RDS site. The air sampling pipework of the VESDA system is continuously checking air quality to deliver very early detection of fires to RDS staff.

Alongside the fire detection system, we installed an Advanced MxPro 5 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel with Advanced Dynamix Tools software. The new control panel and software make it simple for operators to locate and respond to alarms anywhere in the RDS very quickly.

Simple solutions on a complicated site

The RDS site includes everything from an 18,000-capacity stadium down to small conference rooms. We’ve put in place a fire safety system that, through early detection, helps to facilitate the timely evacuation of even a large crowd of people spread across multiple buildings in the event of a fire.

RDS is happy with the quality of our work on site and the quality of the fire systems that now protect its venues and the people inside them.